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From start-ups and scale-ups to SMEs and multi-nationals, Kamelion offers a smorgasbord of services for businesses of all shapes and sizes to give shape to your best ideas.

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Connecting Innovation to Strategy

Without a strategy to integrate and align innovative perspectives around common priorities, the power of creation is blunted or, worse, becomes self-defeating.

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Reshaping Customer Experience

Master the "human touch" of your business, get the most out of the Customer Delight, start delivering an exceptional experience for your customers.

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Leveraging Digital Transformation

What was viewed as best-in-class speed is now below average. Transcend traditional roles like sales, marketing, and customer service into a refined digital experience now.

Adapt your business

We help you build from the ground up.

The right workflow for any type of project.

Any phase of our methodology is dissociable and can be singularly implemented to fit previously-done work, and adapt with financial & personal constraints.

  1. Discovery
    Asking the right questions & defining the issues needing to be tackled.
  2. Design
    Essentially framing and designing product concepts or services responding to the found issues during the discovery step.
  3. Prototyping
    Deploying a functional prototype in less than a month, according to the project's complexity and deadlines.
  4. Deployment
    Industrializing and deploying the solution in a production state after validating the proof of concept.

Kamelion embodies 🦎 a chameleon's 360° sight🦁 a lion's persistant & firm grip

in supporting and contributing to these lifecycles :


We are bold thinkers striving to seek the best way to achieve the best things.

Lamia Aamou, Founder of Kamelion

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